SYNERGY Imaging is the most advanced digital imaging, video and audio management system for collision repair facilities!

SYNERGY imaging

With the SYNERGY Imaging System, you can take pictures, record videos or create voice memos to document the repair process and automatically transfer them to a server on your network. SYNGERY Imaging eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming process of manual file transfer allowing your estimators to concentrate on more productive tasks. The entire imaging process can be completed in three easy steps.


Scan a Barcode.

Scan the code

A unique barcode is generated by the imaging system. This barcode can be printed on a weatherproof sticker, repair order folder, technician worksheets, or even ID tags places on vehicles. The user simply has to tap the barcode icon in the app and point the camera at the barcode.




Take the pictures, videos or voice recordings

Begin documenting the vehicle. You are able to take HD pictures and videos to precisely capture the damage to the vehicle. Voice recording can also be created to document damage that may not be visible or capture requests from the customer.




Transfer Wirelessly

Hit the send button and your media will be automatically transferred to your server via WiFi or cellular connection and linked with the estimate. There is no manual intervention required. Once the files have been successfully transferred, they will be deleted from your device to avoid consuming additional storage.


That’s it. It’s that simple.

The SYNERGY imaging system is not only convenient, but it has direct operational impacts as well.

Store and share effortlessly

All files are stored on a secure server with an automatic backup in place. This virtually eliminates the chance of your media being lost due to hardware failure. If configured, the files can also be automatically inserted into an Audatex® estimating system, shared over email or remotely accessed by authorized third parties (e.g. private insurers or independent adjusters with prior authorization).




Increase your productivity

SYNERGY Imaging has been proven to save the an estimator 45-60 minutes per day by eliminating administrative overhead. This means that the estimator has up to 5 extra hours per week to dedicate to additional work. On average, this can be translated into fully delivering 2 extra repair jobs, increasing gross revenue by approximately $4,200.


See it in action


SYNERGY Imaging is available starting at just $125 per month for an unlimited number of devices. Initial setup fees apply.

To requests a no charge, no obligation demo please email the sales department or call 604-839-3431.


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