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ImEX Systems Inc. specializes in collision repair software and shop management systems that automate and streamline the repair process.


End to end work order management with accurate estimate importing, SMART Scheduling, live production planning and much more.

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Revolutionize how you manage your production schedule with cutting edge visualization.

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The next generation of wireless camera technology that ditches the bulky hardware.

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Latest news

Introducing ImEX Realized Parts Savings (RPS)
on November 23, 2020

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has begun the pilot of a new Parts Autonomy program that empowers high performing shops with greater autonomy. A key requirement of this program is ensuring that you are meeting your parts savings targets across all claims. This is where ImEX RPS comes in. It provides an instant and real-time scorecard […]

QuickBooks 2019 Importing
on January 8, 2019

With the new year, comes a new version of QuickBooks. ImEX Systems can now recommend that users should upgrade to QuickBooks 2019 if they see fit. Please note that this update to QuickBooks brings many changes to the program and may impact some functionality that you use on a daily basis. You can see the […]

ICBC has selected Mitchell as the new estimating platform
on October 29, 2015

ICBC has announced that they will be switching their estimating platform to Mitchell Estimating with a projected implementation date of April 2016. The ImEX shop management system is compatible with all current versions of the Mitchell estimating platform and will remain compatible with any anticipated changes that Mitchell might be asked to implement on behalf […]

Compatibility with Mitchell Estimating
on June 7, 2015

ICBC has announced that they maybe switching their estimating platform to Mitchell Estimating. As of June 10, an implementation date has not been announced by either Mitchell or ICBC. The ImEX shop management system is compatible with all current versions of the estimating platform and will remain compatible with any anticipated changes that Mitchell might […]

ImEX GlassConnect is ready for relase
on May 29, 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of a new product – “ImEX GlassConnect”. ImEX GlassConnect is a seamless integration between ICBC’s “Glass Web Express” and the ImEX Shop Management System. Research shows that GlassConnect is the first product of its kind on the market, with its data extraction method, reliability and accuracy. Once the […]

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Having done extensive research of available shop systems, ImEX was the number one choice for many reasons. While other systems developed for the US market have struggled to stay compatible with ICBC, ImEX is always one step ahead. When others were busy trying to find a “fix” for any B.C. specific issue like PVRT, tire levies or the ATS program, my staff was busy closing work orders and posting them to the accounting system. The ImEX tech support people updated my computers overnight and we were ready to go! Way to go ImEX! You can always count on my endorsement!

Peter Lyons

After I have seen the ImEX shop system in use by our flagship shop in White Rock, there was no doubt in my mind that this is the system to implement in the Abbotsford location. The system is incredibly intuitive, logical and easy to learn. It comes with unbelievable technical support, whatever we need, we get! The reporting functions, especially the Key Performance Indicators report, are a true guiding light for myself and my staff. We also use ImEX Systems Inc. to service our computers, network and printers. Whatever we need, there is only one phone call to make, one company to deal with, and they have never let us down.

Carl Jamieson

We chose ImEX because of the excellent references it received from other body shops in my area. All of them commented on how much better their organization was and how much it decreased their workload. Since having ImEX installed, customer enquiries can be answered within seconds by using the clearly laid out screens. Without wasting time on the workshop floor, I can track the progress of any vehicle and observe its flow though the repair process. The reports available provide me with excellent tools to analyze my business, allowing me to increase both productivity and profitability.

Terry Mills

Our cycle times have improved drastically ever since we started to use ImEX. We have streamlined our repair planning process; the built-in real time production control module is simply indispensible. The gross profit on parts has increased significantly as every invoice line is checked automatically for proper discount and all parts returns are tracked by the system. Administrative errors are almost non-existent now since the data transfer is accurate. Job costing reports allow me to make a decision while the repairs are still in progress and prevent a problem from occurring later. Access to real time financial analysis improves my decision making process, people operating multi-location shops will certainly appreciate that.

Wade Bartok

Shop owners operating in British Columbia know that it is not easy to keep current with all the changes implemented by ICBC. Over the years, I can’t even remember how many times ICBC has introduced a policy or procedural change that left many in the industry wondering and many shop systems useless. ImEX has always kept us current with all ICBC directives, be it the new ATS system, PVRT or any other region specific issue. While my competitor across the street was busy trying to figure out how to transfer data from the new ICBC estimating system, we were delivering finished jobs to customers. My system was updated and compatible with ICBC before the official launch date. Keep up the good work guys!

Darel Strachan
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