QuickBooks 2019 Importing

QuickBooks 2019 Importing

on January 8, 2019

With the new year, comes a new version of QuickBooks. ImEX Systems can now recommend that users should upgrade to QuickBooks 2019 if they see fit. Please note that this update to QuickBooks brings many changes to the program and may impact some functionality that you use on a daily basis. You can see the whole list of changes in QuickBooks 2019 here.

One of the areas changed as a part of the QuickBooks 2019 update was the entry import process. The new process introduces restrictions and validations to ensure that imported Journal Entries are correct. Unfortunately, there are still some bugs and errors that are being worked on. This new process should not be used until these are resolved.

In the interim, you are still able to import IIF files following a slightly modified process. Download our guide to importing in QuickBooks 2019 here.

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